Oriel has long relied on the generosity of Orielenses and others to help maintain academic standards, to ensure that no student should be denied a place for financial reasons, and to develop and renovate its buildings.

College Environment

Refurbishing, renovating and preserving our historic buildings and heritage, and investing in new projects, ensures that our facilities are among the very best and most attractive to scholars.

Phase Two Target: £11.5 million

Total Raised£4.7 million

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Teaching & Research

Attracting leading academics to carry out their research and teaching at Oriel is essential to guaranteeing the College’s place at the heart of academic excellence within Oxford and internationally.

Phase Two Target: £8.5 million

Total Raised£4.5 million

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Student Support

The College is committed to ensuring a truly meritocratic admissions structure and guaranteeing that financial restraints are never a barrier to prospective students. With your help, we have been able to develop our student support programme and make sure that our students can make the most of their time at Oxford.

Phase Two Target: £5 million

Total Raised£2.5 million

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