College Environment

Refurbishing, renovating and preserving our historic buildings and heritage, and investing in new projects, ensures that our facilities are among the very best and most attractive to scholars.

Successes so far

Phase Two Target: £11.5 million

Total Raised£4.7 million

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The Rhodes Building Renovation Project has been at the forefront of the College’s plans to provide world-class, state-of the-art accommodation and facilities for our students for many years and the finished project is a truly wonderful achievement for the College. Staircases 14 & 15 now provide student accommodation of an excellent standard and the building has been transformed for a new generation of students. Our post-graduate students are also now benefiting from newly renovated accommodation on Rectory Road that is suitable for graduates to live in with their families.

The Pantin Library project transformed our Junior Library providing vastly improved study space and increased storage for books. The renovation was made possible by a generous grant from the William Abel Pantin Trust and through the support of Orielenses who responded magnificently to an appeal sent out in October 2012. The great affection felt for Oriel’s History Fellow Billy Pantin shone through and many alumni made donations to the Library in his honour.

In the past few years the College has also been able to carry out a full renovation of the Chapel. This included repairing the leaking roof, restoration of woodwork and installation of a new lighting system.

How your gift will help

We now look towards the next visionary project that will transform the experience of our students. We hope to create an inspirational new space at the heart of the College with the redevelopment of the area between the Hall and Magpie Lane. Alongside this, our student accommodation is in constant need of updating and renovation:


Allows the College to renovate a study bedroom to conference standard.



Allows us to renovate a set, providing new furniture and restoring windows.



Provides for the complete renovation of a staircase including the replacement of bathrooms.