The Oriel Society


The Oriel Society exists to help foster and maintain contacts between Orielenses and the College. It supports the aims and objectives of the College by being a forum for friendship and fellowship among all Orielenses, Fellows, former Fellows and friends of the College. Any past or present member of the College is automatically a member of the Oriel Society, and there is no subscription fee.

The Oriel Society has a Committee consisting of a President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and up to 12 ordinary members which, at present, meets twice a year in Oxford. The Committee acts as a consultative body in the area of the College’s alumni relations strategy. The Committee seeks to be representative of all Orielenses and, as such, is open to new members, particularly from matriculation years or groups of Orielenses which are currently under-represented. Any Orielensis who would like to help the College in this way and would be willing to be considered for membership of the Committee should write to the Alumni Relations and Communications Officer at

The Development Office and Oriel Society Committee are always interested in receiving feedback from Orielenses and to hear innovative proposals on how to bring Orielenses together. Any such suggestions should be sent for the attention of the Secretary of the Oriel Society and the Alumni and Communications Officer to or to Oriel College, Oriel Square, Oxford OX1 4EW.

Panel Members

Oriel Society Committee
President: Mr Geoffrey Austin (1983)
Secretary: Mr Hugh Bryant (1969)
Treasurer: Viscount Clive Mackintosh (1977)
Mr Peter Collett (1952)
Dr Michael Kenworthy-Browne (1957)
Mr Jonathan Brewer (1973)
Mr John Slade (1976)
Mr Vincent Warner (1984)
Ms Laura Dosanjh (1986)
Miss Claire Toogood (1991)
Mrs Sarah Kiefer (2003)
Mr Daniel McLean (2007)
Miss Sophie Ross (2011)
Prof Teresa Morgan (Governing Body representative)