Recent Graduates

Leaving Oriel signifies a new stage in a graduates’ relationship with the College as they join the close-knit community of around 6000 fellow Orielenses.

 This marks the start of a lifelong friendship with the College, and, we hope Orielenses will continue to participate in, and contribute to, the life of the College in a number of ways over the ensuing years.  As part of this, we endeavour to ensure that all our recent graduates are aware of the philanthropic culture that underpins so much of student life at Oriel and encourage them to give back to those students who follow in their footsteps.

The Leavers' Challenge Fund 2017

The College relies on the support of its alumni to be able to provide for its students, and getting involved with the Leavers’ Fund Challenge is an excellent way to ensure that future students, or those in the years below you, are guaranteed the same great Oriel experience that you had.

The Leavers’ Challenge Fund was created by a group of Oxford alumni to introduce leavers to the importance of giving to their college, and to encourage them to make their first gift. Every single gift made by 2017 leavers before 31st December 2017 will be doubled, while any regular gift will be trebled in the first year!

In addition, the following prizes will be awarded:

  • The College with the HIGHEST percentage of leavers making a gift will receive a 100% match of the total funds raised.
  • The College with the 2nd HIGHEST percentage of leavers making a gift will receive a 66% match of the total funds raised
  • The College with the 3rd HIGHEST percentage of leavers making a gift will receive a 33% match of the total funds raised.

Show your support for Oriel and help us meet the challenge by considering making a donation after graduation.

The Rectory Road Gym

As part of the Leavers’ Challenge 2017, the College is raising funds to renovate the Gym on Rectory Road. The Gym is a free resource for all members of Oriel. Through support of our alumni we aim to:

  • Renovate the storage space for greater room and add a new weights rack
  • Install a new modern music system for students to use
  • Replace the current cross trainer and exercise bike with newer and more modern equipment
  • Install a running machine in addition to the current set-up

If you would like to support this project, then go to our online giving form and select ‘Student Support’ under ‘designation’.