Alumni Groups

There are a number of groups set up for Oriel Alumni with specific interests.

The Oriel Alumni Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Oriel Alumni Advisory Committee (OAAC) is to represent the interests of all alumni and help foster relations between the College and its former students, former staff and friends. Find out more.

The Tortoise Club

The Tortoise Club recognises and celebrates outstanding Oriel rowing and is the Boat Club’s principal sponsor. Find out more. 

The Hare Club

The Hare Club aims to further the fellowship of those alumni and current students who have been involved with Rugby Football at Oriel College. Find out more.

The Oriel Law Society

The Oriel Law Society is open to all Orielenses who either studied or practice law. Find out more.

The Medical Society

The Medical Society is open to all Orielenses who studied or work in the medical profession. Find out more.

The Midlands Bursary Group

The Midlands Bursary Group is an active collection of alumni who have supported the Oriel Midlands Bursary. Find out more. 

Oriel Golf

Any Orielensis who plays golf is invited to take part in our alumni organised golfing events. Find out more.

Oriel Women’s Network

The Oriel Women’s Network is a community for the College’s alumnae. Find out more.