Careers Mentoring

If you want to share your time and experience with current students or fellow Orielenses, there are a variety of options offered by Oriel and the University

The University Careers Service

If you would be happy for students or other alumni to contact you for careers advice, you can register yourself as a mentor on the University Careers Service website. Just click on the ‘Alumni Mentors’ button and follow the instructions.

Oxford students and alumni interested in a career in your field will then be able to contact you, and you can specify what you would be able to do to help themĀ – for example, if you’d be able to offer an internship or have an informal chat.

Oxford Alumni Community

The Oxford Alumni Community also offers a mentoring scheme. The site allows you to create a profile, connect it to your LinkedIn or Facebook, and then find other Oxford alumni who might be interested in your career path. You can volunteer to be a ‘Mentor’, or you can request to be someone else’s ‘Mentee’.