Connecting with other Orielenses

There are several ways in which to connect with other Orielenses and Oxford Alumni, both online and in person

Alumni Groups

There are a number of groups organised and run by Orielenses. To find out more, visit the alumni groups section of our website.

Alumni Events

One of the best ways to meet other Orielenses is at an Oriel alumni event. To see what is coming up, visit our events page.

Oxford Alumni Community

The Oxford Alumni Community is like a social media platform for Oxford alumni. You can log in via email or by using your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, meaning that you can add any information from those profiles to your Oxford Alumni Community page. Features include:

  • Make your next career move – view and apply for jobs
  • Re-connect with other alumni
  • Share your expertise, offer advice and become a mentor
  • Find out about events for Oxford alumni
  • Advertise job vacancies


Oriel College have a LinkedIn group that is specifically for alumni. To request to join, click here.

You can also follow Oriel College’s LinkedIn page. Through this you can find other alumni, as well as staff who work for Oriel. You can also add Oriel College to the “Education” section of your profile, should you choose to do so.

Oxford Alumni Online

Oxford Alumni Online is an online community for all alumni of the University. By creating an account on the Alumni Online site, you can update your contact details, connect with other alumni from Oriel and all the other colleges, and manage your communication preferences. Features include:
Information on offers and benefits available to Oxford alumni

  • Careers support, networking, and mentoring
  • Information on regional alumni groups and travel opportunities
  • The alumni search tool, which lets you find other Oxford alumni who’ve signed up to the site
  • To find out more and to register, click here.