Making a Gift

Your gift, no matter the size, is essential to helping us achieve our goals and speaks volumes about the level of affinity that Orielenses feel toward the College.

Making a Gift Online

Making a gift online is a quick and secure way to donate to the College, and can be done from anywhere in the world. Please go to Oriel’s page on the University Campaign Website, where you can direct your gift to one of our funds.

Make a Gift

Making a Gift by Post

To set up a Direct Debit or to make a single gift to the College please download a donation form and send it to the Development Office.

Our address is:
Oriel College Development Office
Oriel College
Oriel Square

Tax-Efficient Giving

If you are giving from the UK, you can go to our Tax-Efficient Giving page to learn how you could make your gift go further.

If you are giving from Europe, you may want to consider giving through Transnational Giving Europe to make your gift more tax-effective. Click here for more information.

If you are giving from anywhere else outside the UK, click here to see if there is a tax-efficient giving scheme in your country.

Recognising Your Gift

Oriel is always eager to recognise the generosity of those who have supported the College over the years. For more information on the specific events and opportunities offered to members of our Giving Societies, or for information on how to join, please go to our Donor Recognition page.

Maximising Your Gift

Many companies are willing to match charitable gifts made by their employees. Although schemes differ from business to business, the premise remains the same. Your employer is agreeing to match a percentage (usually pound for pound, but sometimes up to 200%) of your gift to Oriel. This process comes at no extra cost to you and makes a real difference to what your gift is able to achieve.

Below is a list of organisations that we understand currently support matched giving schemes. If you are interested in joining a scheme, you should contact your Human Resources department to find out what options are available to you.

Matched Giving Company List

Oriel College Boat Club

Under the leadership of the Tortoise Club Committee, Tortoises are invited to support the continued success of the Oriel College Boat Club with an annual gift of £100. Support from former rowers is an important source of funding for the Boat Club, helping ensure that Oriel’s boats can compete at the highest level amongst the Colleges.

Tortoises who choose to make a donation are invited to become Blades, and receive special sponsors’ regalia to mark their important contribution to rowing at Oriel.

If you would like to make a gift to support the Boat Club, please download the Blades Direct Debit form and return it to the Oriel College Development Office.

Recent Graduates and the Leavers' Challenge 2020

Leaving Oriel signifies a new stage in a graduates’ relationship with the College as they join the close-knit community of around 7000 fellow Orielenses.

 This marks the start of a lifelong friendship with the College, and, we hope Orielenses will continue to participate in, and contribute to, the life of the College in a number of ways over the ensuing years.  As part of this, we endeavour to ensure that all our recent graduates are aware of the philanthropic culture that underpins so much of student life at Oriel and encourage them to give back to those students who follow in their footsteps.

The Leavers’ Challenge Fund was created by a group of Oxford alumni to introduce leavers to the importance of giving to their college, and to encourage them to make their first gift. Every single gift made by 2020 leavers before 31st December 2020 will be doubled, while any regular gift will be trebled in the first year!

In addition, the following prizes will be awarded:

  • The College with the HIGHEST percentage of leavers making a gift will receive a 100% match of the total funds raised.
  • The College with the 2nd HIGHEST percentage of leavers making a gift will receive a 66% match of the total funds raised
  • The College with the 3rd HIGHEST percentage of leavers making a gift will receive a 33% match of the total funds raised.