The Telephone Campaign

The Telephone Campaign is a fantastic way for us to stay connected with our alumni. Each year the campaign allows us to update you on the latest Oriel news and projects and also provides an opportunity to thank you for your support to the college, whilst also giving our students the opportunity to hear about your time at Oriel.

The team of student callers will be ringing the Oriel community from 12th – 27th March 2022. If you would particularly like to hear from our students during the campaign please do get in touch using the details below. Alternatively, if you’d rather not be contacted this time please do let us know.

If you have any questions about the Spring 2022 Telephone Campaign, please contact Michael Beattie, Development Officer, at or +44(0)1865 276521

The 2022 Telephone Campaign Caller Team!

Meet the 2022 Telephone Campaign Team

You can find out more about the the 2022 caller team below. They are very much looking forward to hearing stories of Oriel throughout the years and sharing their own experiences with fellow Orielenses.

If you would like to make a gift to support us, you can make your gift online via the Central Gift Registry here.

The 2022 Student Caller Team

Oriel Telephone Campaign Caller Anna Bartlett


Anna Bartlett – I’m Anna Bartlett and I’m a first year PPE student, with a particular interest in human rights and the environment. I am also involved in college rowing and netball. I look forward to the opportunity to chat to other Orielenses and hear about their experiences of Oriel and what they’re up to now!


Oriel Telhphone Campaign Caller Becky Collett


Becky Collett – Hi, I’m Becky, a first year philosophy and theology student at Oriel. I’m excited to share with Oriel’s alumni a slice of college life; from the academic side, to music and sport, and also social activities, and how it has changed from when they last came here.


Oriel College Telephone Campaign Caller Carol Benfield


Coral Benfield – Hi, I’m Coral and I’m in my third year studying Biochemistry (undergraduate). I enjoy crochet, learning languages and martial arts! As someone with broad interests across the arts and sciences, I’m really looking forward to finding out about the career journeys of our alumni! I love to hear the unexpected stories that lead people to where they are now, and am curious about what role Oriel might have had for people in that journey.


Oriel Telephone Campaign Caller Elenor Vockins


Elenor Vockins – I’m Elenor Vockins and I am a first year reading German and Italian. I enjoy performing with both the Oxford University Opera Society and the Gilbert and Sullivan Society. I am looking forward to talking to alumni about their time at Oriel and their experiences since leaving university.


Oriel College Telephone Campaign Caller Eva Hogan


Eva Hogan – I’m Eva Hogan and I’m in my first year of studying English Literature and Language at Oriel. I’m a junior editor at The Oxford Blue where I enjoy engaging with the Blueprint (The Oxford Blue’s arts publication) and the literature reviews. My interests include discussing literature, sustainability and social justice. I’m looking forward to chatting with alumni who have similar interests to me, and to discover more about Oriel (I’m sure there will be a few stories to tell)!


Oriel College Telephone Campaign Caller Freya Jones


Freya Jones – I’m Freya Jones (2021), a first year undergraduate studying German I’m currently a Student Ambassador for Oriel and Senior Opinion Editor at The Oxford Blue, Oxford’s newest student newspaper. In my free time, I love to write fiction, attend debates at the Oxford Union and visit museums with friends. I’m really excited to speak to alumni to find out how College has changed and stayed the same, and to chat about where life may lead an Orielensis after graduating!


Oriel Telephone Campaign Caller Grace Wright


Grace Wright – I’m Grace Wright and I am a first year Philosophy & Theology student at Oriel. I’m looking forward to chatting to alumni to see how the college has developed over time, and to see a glimpse of what life after Oriel could be like!

Oriel College Telephone Campaign Caller Issy Proctor


Isabelle Proctor – I’m Isabelle Proctor and I am a first year studying Classics and English. I am a member of Oriel College Netball Club and am currently studying Latin. Looking forward to hearing from alumni about their time at Oriel and their experiences since leaving!


Oriel College Telephone Caller Nikita Jain


Nikita Jain – I’m Nikita Jain (2020) and I’m a second-year undergraduate reading French and Linguistics. I’m also the Ethnic and Cultural Minorities Officer on the JCR Committee, and one of the college’s Student Ambassadors. I’m excited to talk to alumni about our shared experiences at Oriel and to hear about what they’ve been up to since graduating.