Recognising Your Support

Since its foundation in 1326, Oriel’s success has been shaped by philanthropy. Gifts from Orielenses are tremendously important in ensuring the College continues to thrive. Every gift, no matter the size, contributes to the ongoing success of Oriel’s students and academics, and all gifts are gratefully received.


The Donor Charter

At the heart of Oriel’s ethos is our pledge to uphold academic freedom and thoughtful debate. The College does not accept gifts where the receipt of such gifts would threaten to compromise these principles.

To ensure transparency and accountability, Oriel has adopted a Donor Charter to precisely layout the College’s relationship with our donors and how their gifts are used.

To view the Donor Charter in its entirety please click here.

The 1326 Society

Established in 2012 to celebrate Oriel’s loyal supporters, the 1326 Society recognizes those who generously make a regular contribution to the College.

The Society is named for the year of the College’s foundation by Adam de Brome.

Philanthropic support has been vital to the College throughout the centuries, and continues to be an important resource upon which Oriel relies. Regular gifts from our supporters are hugely valued by the College as they allow us to plan our future endeavours.

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The Raleigh Society

The Raleigh Society was established to recognise Oriel’s major donors, who have an impressive impact on the College’s ability to advance its mission, strategic priorities, and commitment to excellence.

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The Adam de Brome Society

Established to recognize those who have chosen to leave a legacy to Oriel in their Will, the Adam de Brome Society bears the name of the Founder and Provost of Oriel College and its first legator.

The Society celebrates a distinguished community of Orielenses and friends who share a deep commitment to Oriel and are dedicated to helping the College excel.

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The Provost’s Court

The Provost’s Court recognises those who have made the substantial contribution of £100,000 or more to the college over the years. These donors have shown an outstanding level of commitment to the College, and are invited to an annual meeting with the Provost to hear about and discuss the College’s future plans.

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Naming Opportunities

Oriel is happy to explore naming opportunities in various areas including Fellowships, bursaries, specific rooms, and buildings. Please contact Marco Zhang, Director of Development, on 01865 276964 or email to discuss.

Ethical Donations Policy

In line with Charity Commission requirements, the College has in place an ethical donations policy for gifts that have a single or cumulative value in excess of £10,000. The full details of Oriel’s Ethical Donations Policy are outlined here.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the Development Office at: