Supporting Oriel Students During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Oriel’s students are now living in self-isolation, either in College, at home or elsewhere, and trying to prepare for a radically changed examination schedule amongst all the upheaval that the COVID-19 outbreak has brought to their lives.

We are asking our community of alumni and friends to help support our students so that they can continue to thrive during these challenging circumstances.

Supporting Oriel Students During the COVID-19 Outbreak

This is of course an extraordinarily challenging time for our students, who are preparing as best they can for an abrupt transition to virtual teaching and examinations, made more daunting by a lack of access to labs and library facilities. Oriel’s Student Support Fund will provide emergency financial assistance to students whose economic circumstances or educational experience may be negatively affected by the pandemic, both now and in the longer term.

The College is making funding available for emergency expenses such as accommodation, food, and travel. Now that we know that teaching in Trinity will be virtual, the Fund will also support academic success needs such as necessary computer equipment and software.

Ensuring our students continue to thrive is our priority, even as the College’s finances are placed under ever-increasing pressure.

Oriel’s community spirit is strong, and we are deeply grateful to those of you who are able to enhance the resources available to our students.

Orielenses and friends who wish to support Oriel students at this critical time can do so by donating to our Student Support Fund here.

Library Resources are Urgently Needed

One of the obstacles our students are facing in their learning is that the closure of the College Library and the Bodleian means their access to the books which support their studies is hampered. Many of our students are not in a position to buy the books they need. As a result, we’re launching new initiatives to make sure they can access reading materials throughout the term and for as long as these extraordinary circumstances persist, and continue to support their education as best as we possibly can.

The College Librarian, Eleanor Kelly, has been working hard to supply electronic copies and advice to our students. We are also purchasing new books, in hard copy and electronically, additional copies of books we already have in our collections but which are not currently accessible, and organising postal loans to send books to students where they are. Our aim is to make sure that students are not disadvantaged in their studies by the current situation.

Demand is high and the Library is struggling to cover these unexpected costs. This is not a challenge the Library would have normally faced, nor for which there is a budget—an unfortunate situation we know many organisations and families are facing.

If you are in a position to make a donation to help the Library and Oriel students you can give online here. Your gift will be put to immediate use and will be greatly appreciated all of us at Oriel.