Supporting Oriel Students During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Whilst we are doing all we can to deliver as normal an experience as possible for Oriel’s students the COVID-19 outbreak has caused significant upheaval to our students lives and put extra pressure on the College’s resources, finances, and staff. 

We are asking those who are able in our community of alumni and friends to help support our students so that they can continue to thrive during these challenging circumstances. 

Supporting Oriel Students During the COVID-19 Outbreak

Oriel’s Student Support Fund provides emergency financial assistance to students whose economic circumstances or educational experience may be negatively affected by the pandemic, both now and in the longer term. 

The College is making funding available for emergency expenses such as accommodation, food, and travel. The Fund also supports academic success needs such as necessary computer equipment and software, which are needed now more than ever as we increasingly rely on online teaching and examinations 

Ensuring our students continue to excel is our priority, even as the College’s finances are placed under ever-increasing pressure. 

Oriel’s community spirit is strong, and we know many of our alumni and friends are also experiencing difficulties during the pandemic. We are deeply grateful to those of you who are able to enhance the resources available to our students. 

Orielenses and friends who wish to support Oriel students at this critical time can do so by donating to our Student Support Fund here.