Private: Decade Drinks: The Noughties (2000-2009)

We will be gathering on Wednesday, 11th March at The Star Tavern, which is managed by Orielensis Ema Harker (2010), from 6pm onwards for the Decade Drinks of those Orielenses who matriculated between 2000-2009.

The pub is situated in the heart of Belgravia, around a 15 minute walk from Victoria Station, and is infamous as the location of the planning for the Great Train Robbery and a former hangout for London’s inner circle of master criminals during the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Please book below to claim your free ‘welcome drink’ voucher on the night. Guests are welcome to attend but the voucher is restricted to Orielenses only (if your guests are Orielenses too then please indicate this and provide their matriculation year so that they can get a free welcome drink voucher).

Date: Wednesday, 11th March 2020

Time: 6pm onwards

Venue: The Star Tavern, 6 Belgrave Mews W, Belgravia, London, SW1X 8HT

Getting there:

Guests: Guests are welcome to attend this informal event, but the free ‘welcome drink’ voucher is restricted to Orielenses only.

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