All Oriel undergraduates and postgraduates who completed their studies in 2018 are invited to the Returners’ Dinner on Saturday, 9th February 2019.

The event will feature pre-dinner drinks in the Large SCR, followed by a 3-course dinner in Hall. This event is free of charge. There is a chance that we will not have up-to-date contact details for all of those eligible to attend so please do help us by spreading the word by contacting your friends and sharing the event on Facebook.

Date: Saturday, 9th February 2019

6.30pm: Pre-dinner drinks in the Large SCR

7.15pm: Dinner in Hall

Dress code: Usual Formal Hall attire

Please make sure to register by  Friday, 25th January 2019 at the latest.

Photographs may be taken throughout the event, which may then be used in our print and/or digital communications. If you would prefer that your image was not used, please e-mail

Please see for information on the way in which your personal data is held and used in our database DARS

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