Online Alumni Communities

We hope that by getting as many Orielenses as possible signed up to these alumni websites, we can build a net community which will make the connection between alumni and the College even stronger. You have the option to make some or all of the contact details you add you profiles on these sites public to other users, so now anyone who is happy to be contacted can be
reached quickly and easily. Also, all three of the sites feed into DARS – the database the Development Office uses – so if you move house or change phone numbers you need only update the details on one of the alumni websites for the College to be notified.

The more people who register for an online alumni community, the better a tool for connecting Orielenses it will be. We encourage everyone to sign up!

My Oxford Network

My Oxford Network is an online professional networking platform for Oxford alumni. You can log in using your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, meaning that you can add any information from those profiles to your My Oxford Network page. Features include…

  • Make your next career move – view and apply for jobs
  • Re-connect with other alumni
  • Share your expertise, offer advice and become a mentor
  • Find out about events for Oxford alumni
  • Advertise job vacancies


My Oxford Online

My Oxford Online is an online community for all alumni of the University. By creating an account on the Alumni Online site, you can update your contact details, connect with other alumni from Oriel and all the other colleges, and manage your communication preferences.

Features include…

  • Information on offers and benefits available to Oxford alumni
  • Careers support, networking, and mentoring
  • Email forwarding service
  • Information on regional alumni groups and travel opportunities
  • The alumni search tool, which lets you find other Oxford alumni who’ve signed up to the site

The Oriel Alumni Area

The Oriel Alumni Area is a subset of Oxford Alumni Online: these are different portals through which you can access your information.

The logins for the Oriel and University Alumni sites are the same – you only need to register with one to be able to access both. Furthermore, if you update your details or profile on one site, it will
automatically update the other.

Features include…

  • The ability to update your communication preferences
  • Access to previous issues of the Oriel News Magazine