The Hare Club

The Hare Club aims to further the fellowship of those alumni and current students who have been involved with Rugby Football at Oriel College

The Hare Club exists to connect alumni and current students in celebrating and continuing the excellent accomplishment and tradition of men’s and women’s rugby at Oriel College.

Membership is by annual subscription of £25, which is used to supplement the existing support from college available to students playing rugby at Oriel, and to help remove barriers to involvement in the game that students may face. Current students playing rugby at Oriel are entitled to free-of-charge membership.

Members are invited to attend biannual club lunches in London (one in summer, one in winter) and many co-ordinate to support Oxford at The Varsity Match as well as attend or participate in the annual Old Boys vs. Current Boys match at the beautiful Oriel College sports ground at Bartlemas. Other events such as tournaments, dinners, and pub trips in London and Oxford are organised throughout the year.

If you would like to find out more about The Hare Club, please contact the committee at